26. September 2019

KLAUS Multiparking – New education partnership

We’re really pleased about our newly sealed education partnership with the secondary school “Mittelschule Legau”. After signing the contract, it was straight down to business with the teachers from the secondary school arranging a tour of our company. There is a date on the horizon when all of the joint activities for the coming year will be planned, e.g. organising future tours of the company for groups of students or helping students to gain work experience through day or week-long placements. However, the partnership will be even more intense in the “Training Ambassadors” project.

Our trainees will talk all about their experiences of training as metal fitters, industrial clerks and mechatronics engineers in school lessons. The major advantage of this is the communication between young people who are similar in age, which means that the information is passed on in a more authentic and credible way. However, we also help out with careers information evenings at the school, and invite the students to attend careers fairs (e.g. at BBZ Memmingen on 12 October). In addition to job application training, special etiquette training teaches students the right way to conduct themselves in the business world. What’s more, a “Girls Day”, business games, strategy projects and an art project will also be organised by the school. We are really looking forward to working together. After all, our shared goal is to show students the opportunities that are open to them when they have finished school.