The large premium fully automatic parking system for lots of parking spaces

The MasterVario LS combines a large number of parking spaces with quick access times.

The lift/shuttle systems not only save space, but also time: one or more lifts will convey the vehicles up or down to the various parking levels, where they are then passed on to a shuttle, which will distribute the vehicles quickly throughout the parking level. The shuttles and lifts can work at the same time, which ensures excellent access times, despite the large number of parking spaces.

The MasterVario LS lift/shuttle systems have flexible qualities similar to those of the R3C and R3L shelf systems, but the advantage of them is that they are also suitable for a significantly greater number of parking spaces. The flexible arrangement of one or multiple lifts for the vertical transportation of vehicles and the use of independent shuttles for the horizontal distribution of the cars in the storage area allow a larger number of parking spaces to be created, which would normally require multiple R3C / R3L shelf systems. The levels can be arranged as one or two rows parallel to the shuttles.

The MasterVario LS model is the perfect choice if you have rectangular premises with a large floor space, where a large number of parking spaces need to be provided. From standard cars to SUVs, the MasterVario LS recognises the height of your vehicle and finds the appropriate parking space for it. In addition to systems for standard car dimensions and weights, special solutions are available on request. Of course, in many instances, the system can be adapted to your individual project requirements.

All the information relating to the MasterVario LS


  • For a minimum of 80 vehicles
  • Floor space requirements: rectangular
  • System variants: above-ground and/or Underground
  • Vertical levels: 2 to 10 parking Levels
  • Horizontal levels: up to 60 parking spaces per parking level, in one or two rows
  • Vehicle dimensions: length 520 cm, width 215 cm (other dimensions possible as an option), height can be selected to suit requirements, two different car heights also possible
  • Standard design: 2,500 kg per parking space, higher loading possible as an option on request
  • Lift: with horizontal and vertical conveyor unit
    Shuttle: horizontal distribution of cars within the parking Levels
  • Operation: access control via transponder, remote Control
  • Transfer cabin: at ground level or in the basement, several transfer cabins are possible
    Vehicle turntable available as an option

The key benefits at a glance

  • Optimal access times
  • Accommodates vehicles in safety
  • Protection from theft and Damage
  • Safe access to the parking system without narrow ramps or dark entrances
  • The amount of space used can be reduced by up to 50 percent – compared to conventional parking spaces
  • No space required for ramps or driveways
  • Economising on parking levels and the equipment required (lighting, ventilation, sprinkler systems)
  • Reduction in construction time
  • Use the building space that is saved for additional parking spaces or more profitable purposes

Fields of application

  • In residential and commercial buildings in large cities
  • For more parking spaces in office buildings or residential and commercial Buildings
  • To increase capacity in underground car parks or parking garages, e.g. of Hotels
  • More parking spaces for car dealerships, car rental companies or vintage car Collections
  • For vehicle displays

Examples of MasterVario LS product variants