The smart premium fully automatic parking system for the smallest areas

The MasterVario S only needs a property width of 3 metres!

The MasterVario S isn’t called a “SmartParker” for nothing: affordable, convenient and space-saving – these are the unique qualities of the smart fully automatic parking system. From a property width of approximately 3.0 m, the MasterVario S can be installed underground and blend in perfectly with its surroundings. The “SmartParker” can create parking spaces for up to 23 cars. The transfer cabin, which is raised to the drive-in-level for entering and exiting a parking space, can be driven over when in its lowered state. Systems with three possible vehicle heights and three different vehicle lengths are available.

With a maximum of up to 6 parking levels one above the other and between 1 to 4 parking spaces per level, each system can provide up to 23 parking spaces within an extremely small area. The MasterVario S model is the premium solution for the smallest of premises that uses a minimal amount of floor space and has a concealed transfer cabin.

From standard cars to SUVs, the MasterVario S recognises the height of your vehicle and finds the appropriate parking space for it.

All the information relating to the MasterVario S


  • For max. 23 vehicles
  • Floor space requirements: small and narrow
  • Required installation width < 3.0 m
  • Vertical levels: 2 to 6 parking levels
  • Horizontal levels: 1 to 4 car parking spaces per parking level
  • Vehicle dimensions: 2 vehicle heights and 3 vehicle lengths possible
  • Standard design: 2,000 kg per parking space, 2,600 kg possible on request
  • Underground design with concealed access station
  • Single or double layout possible, in each case in front of and/or behind the access station
  • Access station: at ground level and can be driven/walked on when lowered
  • Lift: with horizontal and vertical conveyor unit
  • Operation: access control via transponder and computer terminal
  • Top surface can be freely designed: cassette-type cover, which can be designed to blend in with 
surroundings on request (e.g. stone layer, lawn)

The key benefits at a glance

  • Optimal access times
  • Accommodates vehicles in safety
  • Protection from theft and damage
  • Safe access to the parking system without narrow ramps or dark entrances
  • The amount of space used can be reduced by up to 50 percent – compared to conventional parking spaces
  • No space required for ramps or driveways
  • Economising on parking levels and the equipment required (lighting, ventilation, sprinkler systems)
  • Reduction in construction time
  • Use the building space that is saved for additional parking spaces or more profitable purposes

Fields of application

  • In residential and commercial buildings in large cities
  • For more parking spaces in office buildings or residential and commercial buildings
  • To increase capacity in underground car parks or parking garages, e.g. of hotels
  • More parking spaces for car dealerships, car rental companies or vintage car collections
  • For vehicle displays

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