8. January 2020
Zwei Autos in einer Doppelstockgarage

SingleVario 2061

The most flexible parker for retrofitting. SingleVario 2061 – Double-decker garage made easy. The SingleVario 2061 is the simple and inexpensive way to turn one parking […]
7. January 2020

TrendVario 6200+

The premium semi-automatic parking system without a pit that can be driven through The TrendVario 6200+ can be combined with other TrendVario models The TrendVario 6200+ […]
26. December 2019
Parkscheibe in einer Garage

ParkDisc D450

Easily turn on the spot. The ParkDisc D450, making hard-to-access parking spaces a thing of the past To save space, many garages do not give you […]
26. December 2019

ParkBoard PQ

The parking pallet that perfectly complements other parking systems. ParkBoard PQ pallets move individual cars transversely. This pallet system moves the cars transversely. At the touch […]
26. December 2019

ParkBoard PH

The double parking pallet. ParkBoard PH pallets move two cars lengthwise. Pallet systems create parking spaces where there weren’t any before. At the touch of a […]
26. December 2019

ParkBoard PE

The simple parking pallet. ParkBoard PE pallets move individual cars lengthwise. Pallet systems make more efficient use of the space in a parking garage, for example. […]
20. December 2019

SingleVario 2061 Outdoor

The most flexible parker for retrofitting – even outdoors SingleVario 2061 Outdoor – Double-decker garage made easy. Selected Klaus double parkers® are also available as outdoor […]
20. December 2019

SingleUp 3015

The stack parker with three parking levels. The SingleUp 3015 increases the number of parking spaces offered in a highly efficient way. The SingleUp 3015 is […]
20. December 2019

SingleUp 2015

The affordably priced premium parker SingleUp 2015 creates two parking spaces in a very confined space. The hugely space-saving SingleUp 2015 creates room for two vehicles […]