MasterVario R3C in London

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KLAUS Multiparking – Parken im “The Shard”, London

This 310-metre-high glass tower with its 95 floors overlooking the rooftops of London is not only the tallest building in Western Europe, but also a very special reference for KLAUS Multiparking GmbH.

Situated in the borough of Southwark, “The Shard” offers something for everyone: a 360° viewing platform on the top floors, ten luxury apartments, a hotel belonging to the Shangri-La luxury hotel chain, restaurants, offices of the management consultancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers and a shopping centre on the ground floor.

A fully automatic MasterVario R3C parking system with 48 parking spaces was installed inside the 111,000-sqm complex. It is mainly used by the guests of the Shangri-La luxury hotel, who can park their luxury cars in these parking spaces at the push of a button.

The six-storey high rack is housed underground. On the ground floor, the space required to accommodate the vehicles is just 24 square metres. The luxury rides are then parked safely, quickly and fully automatically on the six levels of the MasterVario R3C. Each level offers four parking spaces on the left and right for vehicles up to 5.20 metres long and 2.15 metres wide. Level six accommodates SUVs with a vehicle height of up to 2.00 metres; the height limit for the other 40 vehicles is 1.60 metres. This means that only 2,380 cubic metres with a footprint of 184 square metres are needed to accommodate 48 cars, which corresponds to a space requirement of less than 4 sqm per vehicle. By way of comparison, more than 30 sqm of space per vehicle would have been required for a conventional parking solution with driveways and access ramps. The MasterVario R3C from KLAUS Multiparking is therefore an incredible space saver and is always the preferred choice wherever a large number of vehicles needs to be accommodated in the tightest of spaces.

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