MultiBase 2072i in Jüchen

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KLAUS Multiparking – Ultra-smart parking in Jüchen

Aside from the incredible vehicles, it’s the “glass garage” that makes this project so special. The automotive treasure trove inside can be viewed from the garden through the glazing on the rear side.

Within this architecturally sophisticated structure, KLAUS Multiparking was required to accommodate four high-end cars in the garage in a space-saving manner, while also creating additional room for motorcycles and bicycles. Furthermore, the goal was to ensure easy parking for the vehicles.

The solution was obvious – the MultiBase 2072i from KLAUS Multiparking is one of the most convenient parking systems available, since it can be accessed laterally by the vehicles and allows especially wide opening of their doors, thus ensuring easy entry and exit. Furthermore, even heavy cars such as all-terrain vehicles and SUVs can now also be parked in the garage, because the MultiBase 2072i model can accommodate their weight and height. And better still – all of these advantages can be realised in a very small space.

MultiBase 2072i in Jüchen - 1
MultiBase 2072i in Jüchen - 2
MultiBase 2072i in Jüchen - 3
MultiBase 2072i in Jüchen - 4
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