ParkDisc D450 in NRW

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KLAUS Multiparking – Convenient turning on the spot with the ParkDisc D450

To save space, many garages do not give you the option to turn your vehicle around. Reversing in or out of parking spaces is often necessary. This is where KLAUS Multiparking turntables are real game-changers. Hard-to-reach parking spaces are now a thing of the past, because they turn the vehicle once around its own axis and you can easily drive out of the garage forwards.

In this project, the “ParkDisc D450” turntable was installed in an underground garage in a beautiful, three-hundred-year-old baroque building.

A special feature of this extraordinary object: a historical, listed fountain, which was discovered during renovation work and was very successfully integrated into the garage.

ParkDisc D450 in NRW - 1
ParkDisc D450 in NRW - 2
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