SingleVario 2061 in Krefeld

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KLAUS Multiparking – Turning one into two!

The SingleVario 2061 from KLAUS Multiparking is a great solution for turning one parking space into two. This was implemented to perfection in Krefeld.

in a beautiful garage that resembles a living room, flooded with light thanks to a glass wall overlooking the garden. For the customers, it is a great place to park their cars. And now, thanks to a parking system from KLAUS Multiparking, it can accommodate even more vehicles.

The Klaus stack parker, which does not require a pit, is ideal for modernising existing homes or business premises. The lower parking space must be empty before the platform can be lowered. Therefore, the upper platform is ideal for long-term parking while the lower parking space provides convenient short-term parking. Incidentally, the SingleVario is also ideal for storing classic cars or for vehicle presentations in the automotive trade.

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