TrendVario 4100 in Erfurt

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Parking in Erfurt, Straße des Friedens

The Brühl suburb is regarded as the most exclusive district in the Thuringian state capital, Erfurt. This affluent middle-class area is characterised by a mixed development concept that mainly includes detached, terraced and semi-detached houses as well as smaller apartment buildings.

What advantages can a semi-automatic parking system from KLAUS Multiparking provide here? Wherever a large number of parking spaces is required, premium parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking are the perfect choice – because the TrendVario 4300 can accommodate three vehicles on top of each other. When selected, each parking space is moved into the desired position with optimum convenience, because the electric gates are operated by infrared remote control (and optionally also via smartphone). The gates ensure a safe parking process and also protect the vehicles against theft and vandalism. Furthermore, all parking levels are horizontal for easy access.

The “carree Bergstrom” is located on an idyllicly situated property in the Bergstrom area, next to a newly renovated villa and near the Jewish cemetery of Erfurt. This residential project offers comfortable freehold apartments with large terraces and balconies; the adjoining park is divided into private and public areas.

The TrendVario 4100 provides nine parking spaces; four on the building’s ground floor and five in the basement. The electric sliding gates can be opened and closed via remote control, and the system also moves to a centre position so that both parking levels can be seen and reached in the event of a fire.

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