Time for something different: the MultiBase 2078i tilts even the heaviest of SUVs

Revolution 2.0: Klaus Multiparking has developed its second iParker with an electro-hydraulic synchroniser


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One more product is available for parking of the future: Klaus Multiparking GmbH in Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg), one of the leading manufacturers of premium parking systems in the world, has extended its range of intelligent iParker products. The new MultiBase 2078i is the first parking system with tilting platforms in the world that is equipped with the unique electro-hydraulic synchroniser. In practice, this means more load capacity, larger parking spaces and greater convenience – even with restricted height. That's because the MultiBase 2078i saves space. By inclining the platforms, the installation height is reduced by up to 30 cm compared to the horizontal MultiBase 2072i from Klaus Multiparking. Nevertheless, the new iParker is still able to accommodate up to four vehicles with a vehicle height of up to 2.15 m.

“It's fantastic that our design engineers have now hit the jackpot for a second time. They've combined the tried-and-tested tilting system of our MultiBase G82 with the intelligent technology of our i-generation. The result is an innovative parking system that already meets the demands and requirements of the future today,” says Michael Groneberg, Managing Director of Klaus Multiparking GmbH.

Truly different: the new MultiBase 2078i also features the unique electro-hydraulic synchroniser, which has been specially developed by Klaus Multiparking and completely replaces the former mechanical synchroniser. As a result, the weight of each parking system is reduced by up to 200 kg.

Reduced weight, but more load capacity: even true heavyweights aren't a problem for the MultiBase 2078i. There is space for vehicles weighing up to 3.0 tons on a single platform. Designed as a double platform, the MultiBase 2078i accommodates cars with a total weight of up to 2.6 tons. By comparison, only vehicles weighing up to 2.0 tons can be parked on the MultiBase G82. “We've increased the permissible load enormously here. Because there's a real trend towards heavy, large cars. And we're also ideally equipped for the future, because hybrid and electric cars are heavier than vehicles with a combustion engine. We already have the perfect solution for these future loads today,” explains Thomas Baumgärtel, Sales Manager of Klaus Multiparking. It goes without saying that the innovation from the parking specialist is already “e-ready” and can be equipped with the prepared connections for electric charging stations.

With maximum parking space widths of 2.70 metres for a single platform and up to 5.40 metres for a double platform, it is still really easy for car drivers to get out of even the biggest SUVs on the MultiBase 2078i. That's because the system's supporting pillars are positioned so far forwards and backwards that the car doors can be opened fully. There is also room for saloon cars and vans in the MultiBase 2078i, up to a vehicle length of 5.20 metres. The new iParker from Klaus Multiparking displays great versatility. A total of nine versions are available, with pit depths between 1.70 and 2.35 m.

Technologically speaking as well, the MultiBase 2078i offers a real advantage: intelligent sensor technology in the electro-hydraulic synchronization control system continuously measures the position of the parking platforms and sends balancing signals to a control unit. “The hydraulic flow in the lifting device is regulated by valves in a fraction of a second. The platforms therefore always remain at the perfect inclination angle on the MultiBase 2078i,” says Baumgärtel.

When using the MultiBase 2078i, designers and building contractors benefit from the inclination of the platforms in a number of ways. That's because depending on the version selected, vehicles with a height of up to 2.15 m can be positioned both above and below. Only Klaus Multiparking offers this parking space flexibility combined with a variety of possible pit depths with restricted headroom.

The control system for the new iParker is especially smart: with an app, users can operate the system from the comfort of their living room simply using a smartphone or tablet and get their parked car ready to go. On the way back home, one click is all it takes – and the parking space will be ready. Alternatively, the MultiBase 2078i can also be controlled using an operating device.

About Klaus Multiparking GmbH:
With around 700,000 parking spaces installed and 65 sales partners on all continents, Klaus Multiparking, headquartered in Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg), ranks among the leading suppliers of vehicle parking systems. Klaus Multiparking provides innovative solutions for dependent or independent parking, such as for example double parkers, duplex parkers and stack parkers. The company is primarily known for its multiparking systems of the MultiVario and MultiBase type, the semi-automatic TrendVario parking systems and the various fully automatic MasterVario parking systems, enabling space-saving parking in the form of shelf, tower or layer systems as well as lift/shuttle systems or SmartParkers. Single platforms such as SingleVario and SingleUp and various underfloor systems also form part of the product range. For the past 50 years, all Multiparking solutions have been produced exclusively in Germany, subject to the highest quality standards. Premium parking systems by Klaus Multiparking are tailored to individual requirements. They make efficient use of the space available and enable comfortable driving in and driving out. In order to best serve the growing market in India, the company has begun a joint venture there using its own production facilities.Klaus Multiparking employs a total of 175 staff at the Aitrach production works. It has already won awards for its innovative ideas such as the MultiVario parking system, including the Innovation Prize of the Federal German State of Baden-Württemberg. The history of Klaus Multiparking GmbH goes back to 1907, when Klaus was founded as a wheelwright’s shop in Bad Tölz (Bavaria). Klaus Multiparking has been making parking systems since 1964.

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