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For more than 60 years, KLAUS Multiparking has been one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems and double parkers in Germany. We are represented in more than 80 countries worldwide. Our head office is located near Memmingen in southern Germany, on the A96 motorway between Munich and Lindau. More about our company

Intelligent parking is all about movement. Depending on their size, our mechanical parking systems are complex technical designs that contain myriad moving parts.

And the concept behind them is startlingly logical – to make parked vehicles mobile so that they can be moved around flexibly, thus allowing parking spaces to be used far more efficiently. In other words, we make it possible to live sustainably in the automotive world of both today and tomorrow. At the same time, we offer high investment security thanks to cost-effective and optimised custom solutions

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Your benefits with KLAUS Multiparking car parking systems

  • No more looking for a parking space
  • Space-saving storage of vehicles
  • Thanks to intelligent land use, there is space for green areas, playgrounds, etc.
  • Easy and secure parking and access to parking spaces
  • First-class functionality
  • Extensive product range – the optimum solution for every requirement
  • Solutions for virtually every parking situation
  • Top-quality with exceptional service life and intrinsic value
  • Comprehensive service package
  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Personal advice and support
  • Made in Germany

Parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking in detail


KLAUS Multiparking is synonymous not only with premium quality parking systems, but also with guaranteed reliability thanks to over 60 years of experience and globally recognised expertise in this field.


Parkers increase the number of available parking spaces – in the smallest area.

Mechanical parking systems like our parkers – also known as duplex parkers, double parkers or parking lifts – allow cars to be parked on top of each other in a space-saving and efficient manner. Depending on the requirements, our MultiBase and SingleVario parkers are available in various designs. These systems double or triple the number of parking spaces in the same available space – with or without a pit. We offer cost-effective parkers for independent as well as dependent parking, with two or three levels, as a double platform or also as a single platform.

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Semi-automatic parking systems

The semi-automatic TrendVario systems make parking a pleasure.

Our semi-automatic TrendVario parking system combines efficiency with convenience. The users simply drive their vehicle into the system zone – the TrendVario takes care of the rest. A semi-automatic parking system allows more parking spaces to be used on up to three levels for both horizontal and vertical parking – with or without a pit. Compared to a double parker, it increases the number of parking spaces by around 30 per cent in the same area. This modular system is freely configurable and can accommodate taller cars than a standard parker. In addition, our semi-automatic parking systems can be combined and driven through and on. They also protect the parked vehicles against vandalism and theft thanks to locked gates.

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Fully automatic parking systems

The MasterVario models are fully automatic parking systems.

Our MasterVario parking system offers greater convenience thanks to fully automatic parking. The users simply park their vehicles in the transfer cabin and leave the rest to the MasterVario. After automatic vehicle measurement, the system transports the cars to free parking spaces within the system via the parking platform and lift. And when it’s time to leave, retrieving your vehicle is just as quick and convenient. The entire system operates without access lanes or ramps for additional practicality and makes optimal use of the available space. It is particularly suitable for larger parking systems where the goal is to accommodate as many parking spaces as possible within a small area.

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Parking pallets and turntables

Parking pallets and ParkDisc – solutions that enhance parking spaces.

Our ParkBoard and ParkDisc products make it possible to create additional parking spaces in confined areas. Vehicles parked on the ParkBoard are shifted lengthwise or laterally and moved into a suitable parking position. The ParkDisc allows users to rotate their vehicles in spaces where turning is impossible. The advantage of our parking pallets is that they can be retrofitted at low cost and do not require a pit.

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