Parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking

More efficient use of the existing parking space, reliable security, tailor-made solutions – discover the advantages of parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking. Our proven premium products reduce the footprint of parking facilities, multiply the available parking spaces and increase the attractiveness and functionality of your property thanks to modern parking technology.


Parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking outstanding quality meets reliable safety

Parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking are based on premium parking technology that is “Made in Germany”. Whether B2B or B2C – our diverse product range includes system solutions for different requirements and target groups. Our tailor-made parking systems guarantee optimal use of space, increased safety for vehicles and a comfortable user experience for residents, visitors and customers. This applies to private residential parking as well as parking areas in commercial buildings or large parking garages and underground car parks.

As a globally active partner with more than 60 years of experience, we will guide you through every step of the project – from the initial product search and planning right through to final implementation.

Parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking offer the following advantages:


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  • Optimal utilisation of your premises (with or without a garage or car park)
  • Protect vehicles from external damage, vandalism and theft
  • More parking spaces in the same space
  • Tailored implementation of cost-effective parking solutions
  • Meet the statutory parking-space requirements even with limited available space on your premises
  • No more wasted time searching for a parking space!


  • Efficient capacity expansion for parking facilities
  • Protect vehicles belonging to residents, employees, customers and visitors from the weather, theft and vandalism
  • Benefit from a convenient, automated and time-saving user experience
  • Create large parking facilities with numerous parking spaces within a small area
  • Problem-free planning approval thanks to space-saving multiplication of the number of available parking spaces

Our diverse product range for every requirement

Our parking systems let users park their vehicles conveniently, quickly and safely – whether on private premises or in underground car parks or large parking facilities in major city centres. Depending on the product, our systems are operated by key switch with semi-automatic or fully automatic operation. The advantage with all our solutions – the parking system takes care of the parking process and makes optimal use of limited available space. Our systems make parking processes flexible and save time by positioning vehicles on movable parking platforms above or next to each other within the parking unit.

Our premium products multiply the number of available parking spaces by making parking facilities more compact and providing more usable space – with or without a pit – in basements, on ground floors and upper floors.

Our product range includes:

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Parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking in detail


KLAUS Multiparking is synonymous not only with premium quality parking systems, but also with guaranteed reliability thanks to over 60 years of experience and globally recognised expertise in this field.


Parkers increase the number of available parking spaces – in the smallest area.

Mechanical parking systems like our parkers – also known as duplex parkers, double parkers or parking lifts – allow cars to be parked on top of each other in a space-saving and efficient manner. Depending on the requirements, our MultiBase and SingleVario parkers are available in various designs. These systems double or triple the number of parking spaces in the same available space – with or without a pit. We offer cost-effective parkers for independent as well as dependent parking, with two or three levels, as a double platform or also as a single platform.

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Semi-automatic parking systems

The semi-automatic TrendVario systems make parking a pleasure.

Our semi-automatic TrendVario parking system combines efficiency with convenience. The users simply drive their vehicle into the system zone – the TrendVario takes care of the rest. A semi-automatic parking system allows more parking spaces to be used on up to three levels for both horizontal and vertical parking – with or without a pit. Compared to a double parker, it increases the number of parking spaces by around 30 per cent in the same area. This modular system is freely configurable and can accommodate taller cars than a standard parker. In addition, our semi-automatic parking systems can be combined and driven through and on. They also protect the parked vehicles against vandalism and theft thanks to locked gates.

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Fully automatic parking systems

The MasterVario models are fully automatic parking systems.

Our MasterVario parking system offers greater convenience thanks to fully automatic parking. The users simply park their vehicles in the transfer cabin and leave the rest to the MasterVario. After automatic vehicle measurement, the system transports the cars to free parking spaces within the system via the parking platform and lift. And when it’s time to leave, retrieving your vehicle is just as quick and convenient. The entire system operates without access lanes or ramps for additional practicality and makes optimal use of the available space. It is particularly suitable for larger parking systems where the goal is to accommodate as many parking spaces as possible within a small area.

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Parking pallets and turntables

Parking pallets and ParkDisc – solutions that enhance parking spaces.

Our ParkBoard and ParkDisc products make it possible to create additional parking spaces in confined areas. Vehicles parked on the ParkBoard are shifted lengthwise or laterally and moved into a suitable parking position. The ParkDisc allows users to rotate their vehicles in spaces where turning is impossible. The advantage of our parking pallets is that they can be retrofitted at low cost and do not require a pit.

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Frequently asked questions about our parking systems

Depending on the structural conditions and the chosen product, the existing number of parking spaces can be doubled or tripled with our parker models. With a semi-automatic or fully automatic parking system, the number of parking spaces can be increased by an additional 30 per cent compared to our double parkers.

Safety and vehicle protection are among the main advantages of our parking systems. Our automated systems not only protect cars from damage during the parking process, but also keep them safe from vandalism and theft within a locked facility.

Would you like to enjoy convenient parking on your own property without sacrificing additional space, such as a part of your garden? Then look no further than our MultiBase and SingleVario parker models. If you want to make optimal use of space in medium-sized or large parking facilities, generate more income through additional parking spaces or provide extra comfort and convenience in hectic city centres, then our semi-automatic and fully automatic parking systems are the ideal choice. Our parking pallets, on the other hand, are a practical way to park cars in existing areas such as driveways.

Parkers, semi-automatic and fully automatic parking systems as well as parking pallets usually do not require access lanes or ramps, create additional parking spaces within the same area, shorten parking processes and protect vehicles from external influences. They are an efficient and cost-effective solution with added value.

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