Practical parking systems for all

With this range we can give even more people a Park & Smile feeling. The concept of the SpaceVario products promises parking efficiency in a manageable price framework. Clearly defined and at the same time easy to use - because, focused on the essential components, SpaceVario combines all the advantages that "Finest engineering by KLAUS Multiparking" stands for: know-how and product maturity and typical German reliability. "Pure parking" is as simple as that.


The two level stack parking system made for underground spaces

Makes 2 cars invisible.

Instead of rising above the ground, the SpaceVario CPU20 underfloor parking system is sunk underground by two levels. The top platform is level with the ground when lowered. The entire system can then be driven on, enabling valuable extra parking space to be created out of just one driveway. Alternatively, you can transform your front garden into an invisible parking garage and increase the value of your property. In any case, up to two vehicles can be conveniently and safely stored away.

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  • Makes independent parking possible
  • Suitable for all passenger cars according to the clearance and maximal surface load
  • Single platform (SP) for 2 cars
  • Allowable Car Height 165 cm to 200 cm, length 500 cm to 520 cm (height 65.0” to 78.8”, length 196.9” to 204.8”)
  • Platform width: 230 cm, optional to max. 270 cm (90.6”, optional up to max. 106.3”)
  • Pit depth: 425 cm or 295 cm (167.4” or 194.9”)
  • Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity: 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs) per parking space, optional up to max. 2,600 kg (5720 lbs)
  • Horizontal access to the parking level

Field of application

  • In the inner courtyard or green spaces of residential and commercial buildings
  • Additional parking spaces for family homes and apartment buildings, office buildings and hotels
  • Can be installed in the driveway area
  • Designed to install in outdoor
  • Provides 3 spaces in the footprint of 1 car
  • Accommodates cars safely
  • Protection from theft and damage
  • Optimal access times
  • Makes independent parking possible
  • Hot-dip galvanized surface protection

The different product variants of the SpaceVario CPU20