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Upgrade your parking system!

Exclusive accessories to get the most out of your parking space.

Whether you’re looking for a better platform coating or want to charge your electric car in your parking system – we have a solution for everything.

All built to KLAUS Multiparking’s renowned standards of premium quality!


  • Specially developed for use in parking systems
  • High-quality aluminum profile – durable, light and extremely stable
  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Corrosion-resistant e.g. against salt water or battery acid
  • Dirt-resistant and easy to clean
  • Highly scratch-resistant and robust e.g. against grit or spikes
  • Excellent walking and driving surface
  • Nearly flat surface, providing barrier-free parking
  • Surface covering can added at any time
  • 12 year AluLongLife guarantee
    (Optional at extra cost)


  • Hot galvanized steel profile
  • Entirely closed surface
  • Modern platform surface covering, suitable for walking and driving
  • Alternative to high-quality AluLongLife
    (Optional at extra cost)


  • Standard profile, no extra charge


On request, the double parker made by KLAUS Multiparking GmbH is available with an electric charging station. This enables the batteries of electric vehicles to be charged directly in the parking garage. More about E-Parking >



Intelligent use of the available space if you have a bike or motorcycle as well as a car. Make the most of the KLAUS Multiparking BikeSafe, which you can install yourself (bicycle stand / motorcycle stand)

Rubber inserts

Finish off a perfect platform with rubber inserts as tracks for walking or driving on.