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A yacht feeling while parking your car

KLAUS Multiparking delivers a real wow factor for guests at YachtHotel Helvetia in Lindau

Lindau/Aitrach (jm).

Elegant rooms with a view of Lake Constance, a comprehensive range of wellness packages and two exclusive yachts for guests: YachtHotel Helvetia located directly at Lindau harbour is an exclusive resort for holidaymakers – and also provides a great customer reference for KLAUS Multiparking GmbH from Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg). By combining two different parking systems, it was possible for this premium provider to meet all of the requirements of hotelier Karl Nitsche. The new garage for YachtHotel Helvetia can now not only accommodate up to 15 vehicles but also has a particularly stylish design because the floor of the garage is made out of wood – just like the deck on a yacht.

“It was important for us to already offer our guests a wow factor while parking their cars. However, it was only possible for us to achieve this effect in our new garage because we were also able to lay the wooden flooring typically found on yachts onto the top surface of both of the underfloor parking systems. These systems are thus almost invisible and fit perfectly into the overall image”, says a delighted Karl Nitsche, owner of YachtHotel Helvetia on the island of Lindau.

Thanks to the two MultiBase U10 underfloor parkers from KLAUS Multiparking, it is indeed possible for two cars to completely disappear underground. The parking systems were also invisibly and seamlessly installed beneath the wooden floor of the garage. They can thus either be driven on or their surfaces can be used as additional parking spaces. There is also space for six other cars behind these systems on the two premium MultiBase 2072i parkers from Aitrach.

Alleviating the lack of parking spaces

“Lindau has a serious shortage of parking spaces and the situation is continuing to worsen. It was clear to us that we had to quickly find a new solution for accommodating our guests' vehicles – in addition to the 30 parking spaces that we have already rented across the island”, explains Nitsche.

The hotelier from Lindau was thus convinced that the only solution was to create a garage with an ingenious parking solution that made optimal use of the 120 square metres of space. “This is something that we have now achieved. If we fully utilise the systems from KLAUS Multiparking, we can park ten vehicles in the garage at the same time. And if we have a particularly high demand for parking, we can even park a further five cars on the surface of the two underfloor parkers in an emergency. This simplifies our planning work immensely and also makes things even more convenient for our customers”, adds Nitsche. For additional convenience and service, the parking garage is also equipped with charging stations for electric cars.

Vehicles up to three tonnes

The new garage for YachtHotel Helvetia is located just a few minutes away from the main building. The majority of the new parking spaces are provided by the two premium MultiBase-2072i parkers from KLAUS Multiparking – a single and a double platform each with two levels – that have been installed next to one another. The single platform can hold vehicles weighing up to three tonnes, while the double platform can hold vehicles up to 2.6 tonnes.

Electro-hydraulic synchroniser

KLAUS Multiparking from Aitrach has developed one of the most convenient parking systems available with the MultiBase 2072i. The offset steel pillars allow car doors to be opened far enough for guests at YachtHotel Helvetia to conveniently get in and out of their cars. From a technological perspective, the intelligent system stands out due to its electro-hydraulic synchroniser. In contrast to standard systems, this not only makes the iParker 200 kilograms lighter but also makes it more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain, as well as more durable and economical because it requires less lubricant and also has fewer wear parts such as toothed wheels or bearing bushes.

The electro-hydraulic synchroniser is equipped with intelligent sensor technology that continuously measures the position of the parking platforms and sends balancing signals to the control unit where necessary. “This ensures that the platforms always remain in a horizontal position”, explains Michael Groneberg, Managing Director of Klaus Multiparking GmbH.  

Cars can be independently retrieved

To make optimal use of the space in the new garage for YachtHotel Helvetia, the specialists from Aitrach also installed two MultiBase U10 underfloor systems. The parking spaces on both parking systems from Aitrach – the MultiBase U10 and the MultiBase 2072i – have a width of up to 2.70 metres. Therefore, they easily provide enough space even for large all-terrain vehicles and allow guests to comfortably get in and out of their cars. The cars can also be retrieved independently of one another. Hotel guests can raise the systems and lower them into the pit using a key and a control unit. As a result, cars can be parked or driven out in no time at all.

Outstanding service from KLAUS Multiparkingng

The hotelier Karl Nitsche is extremely satisfied with his customised parking solution: “We also obtained offers from a number of different manufacturers. However, KLAUS Multiparking impressed us with their overall package. It was not just the features they offered but also the support. Our contact at the company provided us with really great support time and again throughout the project.”

About KLAUS Multiparking GmbH:

With several hundred thousand parking spaces installed and 65 sales partners on all continents, KLAUS Multiparking, headquartered in Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg), ranks among the leading suppliers of vehicle parking systems. KLAUS Multiparking provides innovative solutions for dependent or independent parking, such as for example double parkers, duplex parkers and stack parkers. The company is primarily known for its MultiBase multiparking system, the semi-automatic TrendVario parking systems and the various fully automatic MasterVario parking systems, enabling space-saving parking as shelf, tower or layer systems. Single platforms such as SingleVario and SingleUp, the ParkDisc turntable and various underfloor systems also form part of the product range. For almost 60 years, all Multiparking solutions have been produced exclusively in Germany, subject to the highest quality standards. Premium parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking are tailored to individual requirements. They make efficient use of the space available and enable comfortable driving in and driving out.

KLAUS Multiparking employs around 230 staff at the company's Aitrach production works. It has already won awards for its innovative ideas such as the MultiVario parking system, including the Innovation Prize of the Federal German State of Baden-Württemberg. The history of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH stretches all the way back to 1907, when KLAUS was founded as a wheelwright’s shop in Bad Tölz (Bavaria). KLAUS Multiparking has been making parking systems since 1964.

Author: Laura Jocham

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