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Am Königsgraben in Memmingen

Two semi-automated parking systems have been in operation not far from our Aitrach headquarters since the end of last year. In a beautifully designed residential complex, an underground car park is available to tenants and apartment owners, in which the conventional number of parking spaces has been increased from five to 14 thanks to the Trendvario 6300; with both systems, even 19 spaces can be used.

While the parker segment usually turns one parking space into two, the semi-automatic from KLAUS Multiparking almost triples the parking space. The occupied platforms not only move up or down, but also to the side. This principle makes it possible to park independently, which means that each vehicle can be reached directly and at any time without having to drive another vehicle out of the installation.

Another benefit of the TrendVario series are the fully integrated vertical gates. The KLAUS V-Gates open and close automatically as soon as you want to drive into or out of the installation. These gates, with perforated aluminium panels, guarantee additional protection against theft and vandalism.

The operating options also take things an innovative step further. In addition to the SmartPortable hand-held transmitters and RFID chips, the parking system controls can also be loaded onto a smartphone via an app. The system can be dialed conveniently from the car.

The underground car park in the property Am Königsgraben is secured by an access gate by another manufacturer. Using additional technology, it can be controlled via the hand-held parking system transmitter, so there is no need for a second remote control.

Regio-TV also became aware of the semi-automatic parking systems with their many innovations and filmed everything for a TV segment. It has some interesting camera shots and the two interview partners skillfully answer questions. KLAUS Multiparking is thrilled with the segment in the building & living section, which is worth viewing.

Making-of pictures from the video shoot: