Group photo with about 40 people from a bird's eye view

Brand – Partnership – Technology

The European dealer meeting this year took place in Lindau, right on the shores of the Bodensee. Over these couple of days, the guests were treated to a look back over the past two years, as well as a presentation of the current situation from an economic and technical point of view. But there were also fascinating previews of the company's future. In between, there was a lively exchange between guests, and great joy in seeing one another again. All in all, there was a cheery atmosphere, despite the somewhat difficult times.

That KLAUS Multiparking can be proud of its dealers is apparent from the awards:
There were distinctions as Best Performer for Austria, Israel and France. Although he has only been a dealer for just half a year, Poul Foltmar is off to a glittering start in Denmark. For that, he received the Best Start-up trophy. And Jeroen Kleiberg, a Dutch sales representative, received the special award for a 50-year partnership, which originated with his father. We would like to once again congratulate all of those honoured!