klaus multiparking news header illuminated advertising company building

Illuminated advertising for the administration building

Made to last … now, KLAUS Multiparking is immediately recognizable from the directions of Aitrach and Ferthofen. Over the past two days, our company logo has been installed at the highly visible elevation of more than 12 meters. At about four meters wide, this installation highlights the presence of our company.
This was preceded by a planning phase with multiple redesigns and position changes. Then it was up to the local municipal council, the city administration and the district authorities to issue the requisite permits.

The construction of the installation complies with a whole range of environmental requirements. Furthermore, the lighting is only in operation in the evenings and early mornings out of consideration for the nearby bird sanctuary and nocturnal insects. This also prevents unnecessary light pollution. These environmentally-friendly aspects are important for our company as we make our way into the future, not only in economic but also ecological terms.