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KLAUS Multiparking combines #fridaysforfuture with World Parking Day.

One of the aims of today – on World Parking Day, which always takes place on the third Friday of September every year – was to reclaim parking spaces.

Members of staff created living spaces out of parking spaces today, by transforming the parking spaces into a waffle stand and relaxation area, giving everyone a sweet surprise.

We did this to make a statement against the dominance of cars in cities, enabling people to make their way around a car-free city without any stress or danger.

Days in advance, our trainees also gave free rein to their creativity and came up with fantastic slogans for their placards and the motto of the #fridaysforfuture demo held across Germany today, in order to stand up for climate protection and to send a message to the world.

“There is no Planet B!” Our employees stood shoulder to shoulder today to demand what everyone is entitled to – a future worth living for!

According to the 2017 INRIX study, car drivers spend an average of 41 hours per year looking for a parking space in German cities alone, causing additional pollution with exhaust fumes and particulates in the process, as well as wasting energy.

KLAUS Multiparking is counteracting this trend and the increasing wastage of valuable space with its efficient and space-saving parking solutions.