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The new TrendVario, an end to the limits of parking space

The new system concept makes it possible to achieve up to 50 % more parking spaces.

This is a revolution in parking space. KLAUS Multiparking redefines now mobility in urban re-densification.

Because with the 6000 type series, the completely new TrendVario generation of semi-automatic parking system, the number of parking spaces in real estate projects can be increased by no less than 50 % compared to previous semi-automatic solutions.

Therefore we offer a freely configurable modular system, which is for the first time as well driven over completely, in the pit. This opens up completely new perspectives for urban construction, as the parking space can now be used perfectly.

Also in another range, the 6000 TrendVario type series sets a new benchmark: For the first time ever, it has been possible to offer a semi-automatic parking system, as a self-contained unit with an integrated vertical gate. For this purpose KLAUS Multiparking has developed a new aluminium gate “Klaus-V-Gate”. The gate is firmly anchored to the parking system, so that on site gate solutions are no longer necessary. This simplifies and accelerates the processes immensely.

The new 6000 type series of the semi-automatic parking system TrendVario from KLAUS Multiparking consists of the systems TrendVario 6100,6200+ (with two levels each) and 6300 (three levels). The two systems 6100 and 6300 are also available in the respective passable “+”- version and all systems are possible to be freely combined with each other. Without additional access lane, four TrendVario parking series can be realised one behind the other , for the first time.

The new generation of TrendVario also plays digitally in the Champions League. Technically, the systems are BUS controlled and intelligent, they carry out self-diagnosis and can be easily integrated into smart home environments. It goes without saying that as well electric vehicles can be charged in the TrendVario system 6000, if required.