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KLAUS Multiparking’s wild bee hotel

Our new wild bee hotel is ready. All of the wild bees in Aitrach are welcome to stay. Free board and lodging.

KLAUSi and Mr Bumble want to save bees. Wow! Two busy KLAUS kids have spent their summer holidays hard at work collecting pinecones, small pieces of wood, straw and much more.

They have furnished the wild bee hotel today, so now there’s nothing in the way of its official opening.

Although it doesn’t yet have a wire mesh fence, that won’t stop the waiting hotel guests from checking in.

KLAUSi and Mr Bumble are incredibly happy. Yet another step towards helping our bees.

Thanks to the helpers from KLAUS Multiparking who built the wild bee hotel, to the KLAUS kids for collecting and furnishing the hotel, and to Daniela Krämer for organising the whole thing. We can’t wait to see what comes next. Maybe a swimming pool for wild bees?