KLAUS Multiparking in CNBC

A MasterVario in the Big Apple

Anyone who wants to park here has to pay $300,000 for a space. In one of Manhattan’s most luxurious residential buildings, a fully automatic parking system from KLAUS Multiparking ensures that the posh rides of the residents are appropriately accommodated. This even rated a news story on the US-American television station CNBC. The moderator, Ray Parisi, can be seen handing over a car to the MasterVario R3C – and getting it right back again. The process of transferring and storing the vehicle in the system is impressively shown from multiple camera angles. At the same time, Parisi tells us that this parking area, with its capacity of 24 spaces, is worth 7.2 million dollars. Those who live here are happy to pay the asking price to guarantee themselves a spot. Parking spaces are rare everywhere – especially in New York City.

If local real estate agents have their way, the quoted cost for a parking space is a reasonable price. In fact, across town, parking doubles to as much as $595,000 per vehicle – also at one of the best addresses in the Big Apple.