Parking system with car

From the old comes the new

For the most part, parking systems are installed in new building, but existing building complexes are also being equipped with systems from KLAUS Multiparking. These are flexible enough to fit in places where the space situation is already defined and sometimes proves to be tricky.

Project Old Town in Ravensburg: There, in a nearly 40-year-old underground garage there was already a parking system which was starting to show its age. The concrete was particularly in urgent need of a complete overhaul. Water and salt from the parked cars had damaged it, extensively in some places. After the repair work, the installation of the system could begin.

The previous maximum system load capacity of 2 tons was increased to 2.6 tons with the chosen MultiBase 2078i system. This parker, with its tiltable platforms, is also optimal for the low clearance of an underground garage. The EasyWalk surface covering from KLAUS Multiparking used for this made the platform even better for walking and driving on. Since the start of November 2021, the underground garage has been reopened to traffic and can again offer users the privilege of comfortable parking.

With multiple filming dates, Regio-TV was also present for this interesting project. The resulting footage can currently be seen in the series “Bauen & Wohnen”.